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Challenge: The accumulation of waste byproducts


Solution: Diproinduca's iron fines recovery services

Diproinduca's Iron Fines Recovery Services cover every aspect of the manufacturing process, from initial storage to sale and international transportation. Waste that is generated at the site is collected from generating plants and transported to the storage area. This process includes the cleaning and drainage of the affected areas and pits.

The material is then stored in yards that are controlled by Diproinduca with entry and exit reports generated for each type of waste and byproduct. Waste is segregated once it enters the storage yard according to its recovery value or disposal cost - mixing and preparation of material allows for an increase in the value of the recovered product.

At this stage the recovered material is sold or recycled for the use of the generator - this sales process includes the logistics of national and international shipments.

Disposal of the waste and byproducts also includes the final disposal reports approved by the present environmental legislation. Finally, monthly reports with generation and final disposal indexes are created for the material.

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