Waste and by-product recovery:


Your challenge: Managing and recovering waste and by-products

Our solution: Tailor made solutions to recover and provide value add processes for the Steel and Iron industry


We specialize in the recovery of steel and iron industry waste and by-products, either from the Blast Furnace – BOF route or from the Direct Reduction – Electric Arc Furnace route.


BF-BOF Route:

  • Oxide fines, Pellet fines or Pellet chips
  • Mill scale
  • C Scrap or C Slag
  • Coque Breeze and Nut
  • Sinter Feed


DRI – EAF Route

  • DRI C By-product Fines
  • DRI Fines and Dusts
  • DRI Clarifier or Pond Sludge
  • Oxide Fines, Pellet Fines or Pellet Chips
  • Mill Scale
  • C Scrap or C Slag
  • Sponge Iron or DRI B
  • Hot Briquette Iron, HBI or DRI A
  • HBI and DRI Chips


Quality Raw Materials:

  • DRI C Fines:  for sinterfeed use with high Fe and Fe metallic content
  • Mill scale: for sinterfeed use with high Fe and low impurities
  • LD Fines or C-Scrap fines:  for sinterfeed use with high fe metallic content.
  • Iron Ore fines and lumps
  • Iron units fines for Cement use


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