Maximizing the recycling of waste and by-products and reducing operational costs and environmental impact


Your challenge: Increase the value of your by-products and decrease the environmental impact

Our solution: Apply processes to maximize the internal recycling of your own by-products and waste, creating savings in raw material use, disposal and logistic cost.


What we offer:


For the Blast Furnace – BOF route:

  • EcoBriq ®, Briquetting of by-products like oxide fines, mill scale, blast furnace dust, lime fines, C scrap, coke breeze and others and create a feedstock to be used into the Blast Furnace and/or BOF
  • Recover A and B scrap from the steel and iron slag
  • Concentrate the C scrap to be used as Sinter feed
  • Recover pellets, lumps and coke from old waste accumulations


For the Direct Reduction – EAF route:

  • Briquetting of Oxide Fines and DR pond sludge to produce a feed stock for the Direct Reduction module and get a Direct Reduced Briquette (DRB).
  • Briquetting of DRI fines to be used as a feed stock into the EAF
  • Recovering of Remets and HBI/DRI chips
  • Recovering of DR pellets


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