What we believe

Diproinduca was founded in 1984 to assist companies in the selling and disposing of stock surplus, especially by-products and raw materials. By giving a new life to materials that haven’t been used for years, we dealt with a need which existed in the iron and steel industry for decades. Since then, Diproinduca has been developing unique know how and innovative capacity to recover and handle by-products, and has created knowledge through R&D. Our focus has been in turning industrial waste into raw materials, into assets. We have earned a reputation of responsibility and technical expertise with hard work, and, above all, by listening our customers, assuming that every generator is our partner, not only our client, with a common goal: to reduce the environmental impact of the iron and steel operations and to increase its profitability, by focusing on an area considered to be insignificant among the generator’s priorities. We know how to do our job because we created the model, which we have been improving since 1984. You can count on us to discover the hidden treasures in your waste yards and to help your plant to be more successful. Thanks for trusting us,

Efraín Riera CEO

 Our Mission is to create quality raw materials from industrial by-products

Through proven and environmentally safe technologies and processes

Personalized support at multiple levels from industry experts

Quality products and services delivered worldwide when promised

Value based pricing and terms Innovative solutions to reduce environmental liability

Our Vision is to be known as an extension of our customers business for industrial by-products management and provider of alternative raw materials.

We are a reliable team. We are creative, efficient and responsible in fulfilling our commitments.

is to meet our customer’s needs with quality services

Our multinational team

is specialized in recovering

value from environmental


We build strategic alliances with companies that provide their expertise in a wide range of specialized areas. With our Global presence we can service your needs from  different parts of the world.

Our strategic alliances

Each project requires working on very specific areas of expertise.

Through strategic alliances, we add to our internal talent the expertise of companies specialized in plaster, cement and oily wastes; as well as hydrodemolition, tank cleaning, sludge ponds processing, site decommissioning and remediation of soil.

Our Research & Development unit

We are at the forefront of market needs. We are in the continuous search for solutions to recover various types of waste and reduce carbon emissions.